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Club Participation with YouthAction NI 2016-17

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    The Club is delighted to again offer a Bursary to YouthAction NI to enable the appointment of a further Intern (Alex, pictured who is considering entering full time Youth Work) Picture shows (from left): Eric Rainey, President Ivan, Prof Anne Marie Gray YouthAction NI Chair, Rotary Intern Alex, Maire Campbell YouthAction NI Artistic Director and Pamela Ballentine YouthAction NI Board member.

    GetSetDropIn1Continuing the Club's involvement with the GET SET Programme with YouthAction 2 members provided CV building and interview skills advice at the GET SET Drop In Monday 08 May. The night ended with 3 of the group sitting mock interviews and each were given feed back.
  • UUGSTGDay.3In a new venture, a Get Set to Go Skills Day was held for 40 Ulster University Social Policy 2nd year students on Tuesday 25 April at Jordanstown Campus. 7 members - Alan Braithwaite, PP Derek Baxter, PP Brian Clements, Alvin McKinley, PP Ken Morrison, Walter Rader and Eric Rainey - ran 4 interview teams and workshops which were hugely successful. The results of the 'pop up' survey show 100% of students said the skills day:
    • helped them to better identify their skills
    • helped them link their skills to employment
    • increased their knowledge of what employers look for when recruiting and
    • increased their interview skills and how to better present themselves at interviews.

    The students' feedback included: listening to the employers and understanding their perspectives has helped to improve my knowledge of employment and what employers want; I really enjoyed hearing first hand from employers; the interview tips were very beneficial; I enjoyed the group activities as I got the chance to really explore what skills I have; it has given me confidence to strive for my goal; it has increased my awareness of different types of interviews; this was a worthwhile day and very informative; the day was very beneficial-it helped me gain more confidence and awareness of what employers are looking for; I enjoyed the interview session as it showed me what should and shouldn't be done at interview; it was a very good and beneficial experience and I learned a lot about myself-it is not as daunting as I thought; the mock interview was of great value as I got really good feedback as to how to improve myself; a very enjoyable day – everyone was very approachable; it was good to have the interaction with business partners to work on skills and selling yourself.  The pictures below show more of their comments.
    Clare Conlon, Team Leader - Training Unit, on behalf of YouthAction and the University, thanks all for the time and support for the first UU skills day, for a great team effort and making the event such a huge success and notes "they now want to make it an annual event so delighted were they with the day!". She notes their feedback shows just how important such events are in building confidence, skills and connections with employers.


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  • Several members attended the YouthAction Business Partners meeting held on 11 October and report that it had been extremely rewarding to hear from the YouthAction staff how much Club's input was valued by the young people.

    100% of the young people at the latest employer-led skills building workshops held Thursday 17 November said it helped them GET SET for Work.

    YouthAction NI advise they all said that after it:
    • they felt more positive about themselves and their skills
    • the event helped connect them to employers, careers service and support
    • it increased their knowledge of what employers are looking for at interviews and
    • it increased their interview skills and how to better present themselves and their skills at interview

    Thanks are extended to the Club members who attended - President Ivan, Derek Baxter, Brian Clements, Alvin McKinley, Craig McClelland,Ken Morrisson and Eric Rainey making it another very special Get Set for all of the Young People.

    YouthAction NI's Training Unit Team Leader, Claire Conlon, greatly thanks the Club and the other Business Partners.


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  • DSC 0531The 2016 YouthAction GetSet day was held during the morning Thursday 5 May. Thanks to Club Past Presidents Derek Baxter, Brian Clements, Ken Morrison, Hon. Secretary Alvin McKinley and members Karen Blair, Doris Houston and Maryam Sholevar who participated.

    It was a really worthwhile morning and as ever Rotary's hands on practical service was delivered with fun and good humour and all of the practical points of advice will be taken on board.

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    Tracy O'Hare, YouthAction's Work Placement Mentor (pictured far right with Rtn. Maryam Sholevar) says: "thank you for making our GET SET Day another success – We truly appreciate all the support that you have given us as an organisation. Feed back on the day was good from young people and staff and I am delighted to have such a partnership."

    RIBIPres to YARIBI President Peter Davey and his wife Sandra accompanied by District Governor Declan and Pat were highly impressed when, during their visit to Belfast Friday 27 May 2016, they were introduced to YouthAction NI staff and interns by President Ronnie & Elma Porter, Secretary Alvin McKinley, Past President Brian Clements and Eric Rainey and heard about the joint collaboration. 
  • DSC 1777The Club are delighted to again offer a Bursary to YouthAction NI to enable the appointment of an apprentice. This year's Club YouthAction apprentice is Finance Intern Amy Garner, pictured here with President Ronnie. She was introduced to the Club at the YouthAction NI GetSet meeting for current and new Business Partners 12 April 2016 and we are delighted to report that as of September 2016 she has secured a job as a receptionist. Amy is delighted as are YouthAction and they thank the Club for all the support in making the placements possible.

    DSC 1782President Ronnie, Secretary Alvin, Walter Rader, Eric Rainey, Doris Houston, Trevor Hinds and (not pictured) Derek Baxter and Maurice Brooks attended the very successful YouthAction NI GetSet meeting for current and new Business Partners 12 April, also pictured is Dr Anne Marie Gray, Youth Action Chair.
  • JODwyerYouthAction are delighted to report the very good news that Johnny O' Dwyer "has secured a job with the BBC and started his new job as Customer Service Agent on 11 January". Johnny is the YouthAction NI intern sponsored by the Club; he is one of the first beneficiaries of the trainee programme and spoke to the Club meeting, with YouthAction , 6 July last year.



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