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Join Us

Join Us

Make a world of a difference and have fun!

Would you like to:

  • make a real difference?
  • put something back into your community?
  • make friends with people from a wide variety of professions?
  • be part of an global community?
Then please consider joining us at The Rotary Club of Belfast.

Membership of the Club is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience and we are actively looking for new people to invite to join and breathe new life and ideas into the Club.

Who are Rotarians?

BBQ234-922There are many misconceptions about Rotary. When the first Rotary Club was started in Chicago 114 years ago it consisted mostly of businessmen but modern clubs like ours have members from all walks of life - retailers, financial advisers, civil servants, manufacturers, opticians and community leaders are just some of the diverse range of our members.

In fact we are

People like YOU

What does being a Rotarian mean?

We're for Communities
Membership of any Rotary Club is open, by invitation, to anyone, male or female, from any walk of life who believes in the Rotarian motto of Service above Self.

Service above Self is more than just words. Rotarians help the community that they live in and also people in other parts of the world that are in need.


As a member of a Rotary Club, you have the opportunity to give something back, to give hope to those less fortunate and to make lives worthwhile and fulfilled.

Sometimes this help can be charitable giving and sometimes it can be more hands-on.

The list of work carried out by our Club is impressive and can be seen throughout this website.

What can you bring to Rotary?
9aRotary achieves only through the efforts if individual members and Clubs. Rotary involves around teamwork so your contribution matters no matter how large or small. It is you and your fellow members who give the Club its own diverse, unique personality.

Each Rotary club individually chooses the projects they want to become involved in based on the specific needs of their local community and the particular interests of their members.

You are free to choose which activities you would enjoy most and be of most help in applying your own skills and experience.

Benefits of Joining

In the process, you can enjoy:

  • the benefits of business networking,
  • personal development,
  • meeting new friends,
  • using your skills,
  • working with others
  • hearing inspiring speakers
  • experiencing that special sense of fulfilment that comes from achieving something really worthwhile and
  • being made welcome by Rotarians in clubs worldwide.

The enormous sense of achievement you'll experience doing something really worthwhile will be matched only by the enormous amount of fun you'll have! Rotary is fun, a lot of fun - each meeting is fun, the Club projects are fun, social activities are fun, service is fun.

We are a social Club too.

The best people to tell you why you should join Rotary - are Rotarians.


At the Club Centenary Dinner held in the City Hall September 2011 RIBI President Burman explained, from a personal viewpoint, how Rotary can change lives.

What commitment does membership entail?

As a member you are expected to attend Club meetings or projects regularly at a reasonable level. A visit to any club worldwide counts to this attendance and provides the opportunity to make new friends and contacts. 

When our members meet

The main meeting is held weekly over a buffet lunch on Mondays at the Europa Hotel, Belfast usually with a topical speaker. It is usually finished by 2.00pm; dress is casual business wear (normally jacket with optional tie).

Committee and project meetings are also held on Thursdays at 6.00pm in the RadissonBlu. These are informal, commence with coffee/tea and aim to finish at 7.00pm. There is parking in the RadissonBlu with no charge when attending these meetings.

We also enjoy fellowship with special events. Our meeting schedule can be seen here

Are there any costs?

Costs involve an annual subscription and meals and tea/coffee costs at the meetings. Further details will be provided by our Membership team. 

How to become a Rotarian and make a world of a difference

If you think Rotary may be for you, or for further information please contact us here.


Join Us

Membership of the Club is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience.  If you think Rotary might be for you, please click here for further information.