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lendwithcareThe Club are actively supporting - a microfinance website set up by aid organisation Care International UK to help people in Benin, Cambodia, Ecuador, Malawi, Palestinian territories, Peru, the Philippines, Rwanda, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe to start or expand their own small business.

The entrepreneurs do not want charity but support to enable them make their own decisions, develop their business, feed and educate their families. These are loans not handouts; the money is paid back in instalments, typically over six to 12 months. A small loan (typically £15 -£45) from many investors means a huge opportunity for the entrepreneur.

The Club see our Lendwithcare donations as providing direct assistance to seed new businesses and provide much needed support to business people hoping to provide a sustainable future for their families and enhance their local communities. These small loans can have a dramatic impact in societies less fortunate than ourselves.

The Club are currently investing in these entrepreneurs the balance being made up by other individuals/organisations:​​

Entrepreneur Activity Total Amount
Number of
Date Added
 Anaclet Habanakize  Trader  £2,265.39 24 Months   70 March 2020 
 Anaclet pic Rwanda Anaclet    
 Lutanda Centre Tradesperson £3415.85 6 Months  118 March 2020
Lutanda Lusaka

Lutanda detail

Rolina Toriman Trader £832.42 3 Months 32 January 2020
Rolina Mario map Rolina detail
 Glenda Batucan  Farming £2504.83   12 Months  99  December 2019
 Glenda Mario map Glenda detail 
Mao Soeng  Farming  £2,126.41  36 months  19 to date  December 2019 
Mao Soeng Battambang Mao Soeng detail
Emmanuel Hakizimana  Shop £1,828.65  18 months  19 to date  December 2019 
Emmanuel Kigali  Emannuel detail
Muhammad Sarwar   Transport  £247.15 15 months  7 to date  October 2019 
Sarwar Lahore Sarwar detail
Maria Margarita Andrade Health & Beauty £1736.26 20 months 53 July 2019
 Maria Margarita Andrade Lider map      Andrade detail
Luz Angelita Armijos Animal & Poultry Raising £1,691.07 18 months 46 May 2019
Angelita pic Lider map Angelita
 Zahi sa'adeh Workshop/Manufacturing   £8,379.25 43 months  170 February 2019 
Zahi       Zahi details
Edwin Andres Chafuelan Farming £1,686.92 18 months 48 February 2019
Edwin Andres Edwin Andres map Edwin Andres detail
Janice Dacua Retail-Food  £2,260.02 24 months 73 February 2019
janice3 Mario map  Janice D details
 Gaston Cuenca Workshop/Manufacturing £2,340.40 24 months 61 April 2018
 Gaston  Lider map Gaston C details
Pham Thi Huong Restaurant/Cafe £748.00 24 months 61 January 2018
Huong Hanh map Huong detail
Pham Thi Hanh Shop £748.00 24 months 27 January 2018
Hanh Hanh map Hanh detail
Loans Repaid    
The Timasukirane Group Other £1084.53 4 months 25 October 2019
The Timasukirane Group Uf Group map Timasukirane Group
Luna Berenguel Shop £342.95 3 months 11 August 2019
Luna Berenguel Mario map Luna Berenguel detail
Thiwi Group Retail - Clothing £1,764.08 4 months 46 February 2019
Thiwi Uf Group map Thiwi Group
 Kulipa Animal & Poultry Raising  £3072.77  6 months  88 February 2019 
Kulipa Mak Group map Kulipa details    
Ufuluwathu Group Retail-Food £1,751.41 4 months 54 August 2018
Uf Group  Uf Group map UU Group details
Sopheak Nheb Farming £2,015.51 12 months 57 August 2018
Nheb Nheb map S Nheb details
Revolution Group Hairdressing £1,688.98 6 months 63 August 2018
R Group R Group map R Group details    
 Zafar Ali Trader £234.72 20 months 10 April 2018
Zafar Syed map Zafar A details    
 Makanze Group Retail - Food £1,079.72 6 months 38 April 2018
Mak Group Mak Group map  Mak Group details
Syed Nisar Hussain Shah Cobbler £167.32 17 months 3 April 2018
Syed Syed map  Syed details
Rosario Ruiz Farming £780.14 12 Months 33 April 2018
Rosario Lider map  RosarioR details  
Líder Encalada Animal & Poultry Raising £1,178.57 16 months 37 January 2018
Lider  Lider map Lider detail
Santos Aldaz Farming £1,178.57 12 months 46 January 2018
Santos Aldaz Lider map  Aldaz detail
Myrian Sivisapa Animal & Poultry Raising
£1,571.43 20 months 26 January 2018 
Myrian Lider map Myrian detail
Mario Gemarino  Shop £1,233.57 24 months 45 January 2018
Mario Mario map Mario details

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