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Project Rombo

Project Rombo

RombolocThe Rotary Club of Belfast actively continues to support Project Rombo which was initiated in 2007 when District 1160 Ireland's District Governor Ray selected Project Rombo as one of his two main international projects and provide help to an Irish lady, Elaine Bannon (who left the comforts of her home in Ireland and moved to Rombo to live amongst and work with the children of the Maasai) with her plans for Education, Clean water and Health Care. She formed, with 3 Massai men in 2002, the Light of Massai charity and has worked tirelessly there. She has made Kenya her home and intends to live there the rest of her life.


Rombo is a district in Kenya, at the foot of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain· in Africa, on the Kenyan side of the Tanzanian border, half way between Nairobi and Mombasa, near the Serengeti plains. Rombo village, with a population of approximately 1,000 people, is a village of red dusty roads, timber shacks for shops and very poor people.

The Maasai are one of the few remaining tribes in Africa who continue to live by their culture and tradition. They continue to dress in their traditional clothes and live in the traditional mud and cow dung Manyatta. They are a proud and peaceful tribe who think only of their animals and who try to be happy no matter what difficulties they face.

Project Rombo is a long term District 1160 project to build strong, secure communities for the people living in the village.

The aim is to ease the hardship they face due to drought, the killer disease AIDS which is spreading rapidly amongst them, lack of basic education, lack of clean water and the lack of a basic health-care system.

Rombo_village_305x203 hut_271x203

To date they have built a clinic, drilled a local waterwell, provided education facilities, a centre for volunteers to stay in and are currently building teachers' houses at Noolasti. 

Rombo2_215x160 rombocleanwater_240x160 Volunteer House
from this... to this... Volunteer House

President Elect Ken Morrison and his wife Gilly in February 2011 went to Rombo for a few weeks to help and work there. They gratefully took with them the Club’s donation of £500 for wood for the school desks that he would be making and 20kg of clinical material donated by Limerick Hospital. See PE Ken's report Ken in Rombo 2011 here and the latest report from Elaine Bannon here.


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