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Belfast Rotary launches history of the

As the Rotary club of Belfast reaches its centenary in July 2011, the club has published the history of the clubs 2nd 50 Years. Edited by PP Gordon Millington. Full of stories of how the club has served the community at home and overseas. The book was launched by Belfast's honorary member the Lord Mayor.

FASA trailer,Belfast Rotary's centenary project

Rotary - We're for Communities

Rotary - Make a World of Difference

The Tree of Remembrance at the Park

21 Gun salute

Music Theatre For Youth (MT4Uth) Showcase

RI President Kaylan Banerjee address

Belfast Centenary Dinner with RIBI President

Rotary Belfast's 100th presidential handover

Belfast Rotary Club Recognises two outstdanding

Rotary Club of Belfast awards three Paul Harris

Belfast Rotary launches history of the

Tree of

Belfast Rotary sings Oh come all you faithful

Rotary 50 years service

TABU visit to Highland Park Chicago

Belfast Rotary helps others, has fun, come and join us.

This Is Rotary - Rotary International

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Jon Snow is a jole rider

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