President's Day 2019

01. Pres Day 1911. IMG 2858President Mark was delighted to welcome all as he celebrated his year at his President's Day held Monday 24 June at The Royal Belfast Golf Club. Always an exceptional event in the Club calendar, this year's relaxed and convivial evening proved to continue that tradition being greatly enjoyed by the 51 members, Honorary Members and guests. Luckily the weather held for the 6 members who played golf during the afternoon and for members and guests to enjoy “the putting challenge” and chatting on the terrace before moving in for dinner. 

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19. IMG 287120. IMG 2886Following dinner President Mark introduced the evening’s entertainment - the Bangor Ukes - who sang and played Ukuleles and a washboard and delighted with a mix of Buddy Holly, Doris Day, Tom Jones, Beetles, Johnny Cash and more which had members singing, clapping and waving arms aloft.

22. IMG 307523. IMG 3097President Mark presented the golf MacNab Trophy to a worthy winner PP Ivan McMinn who scored a fantastic 39 points noting that Tim Browne was the runner up with 37 points. Several members took part in the putting competition, IPP Ivan McMinn recorded a score of 1 under par but was not eligible as the main winner Teddy Elliott and John Williamson both had level par scores and John was deemed to be the winner as he had 4 holes in 1!

IMG 3008.2Addressing the Club President Mark thanked for the huge honour to serve as the 2018/19 President and gave particular thanks to PP Ronnie Porter, the inspirational PP Ivan McMinn and IPP Rosemary Simpson for their huge support and encouragement. He also particularly thanked all members of Council for their wealth of knowledge and the dedicated Service Chairs who have done so much over the year, those who have filled particular roles of service and Hon Member Jenny Boyd.

President Mark highlighted new members during the year, the sad death of PP Trevor Dickey, Hilary Gault who is now in a nursing home and PP Alan White whom he reflected is a backbone of the Club. He reflected on particular highlights noting that he had been introduced by PP Victor McKirgan in PP John Lowry's Presidency and revealed that his personal highlight was the visit from the Rotary Club of Ironbridge and the Evening with Lady Mary Peters.

Pledging support for PE Karen noting she will do a great job and particularly thanking Donna for her support over the last and other 21 years, President Mark concluded by thanking all members for the huge honour noting that it had gone very quickly, it had been great fun and he had really enjoyed it.

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President Elect Karen congratulated him on his successful year and presented Donna with a bouquet and Hon Member Jenny Boyd then presented President Mark with a compendium of Weekly Reports as a memento of his year.


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