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ShelterBox in Action 2014

Philippines6mths onShelterBox are immensely grateful for the generous donations of its supporters - in 2013 ShelterBox responded to 34 disasters in 18 different countries helping over 10,000 families and since inception, ShelterBox has responded to nearly 240 disasters in almost 90 different countries distributing over 135,000 boxes and helping well over 1 million people.

In recent months ShelterBox has responded in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, in Bolivia and Zimbabwe after flooding and the conflict in Syria. Read more here.


"Went to the Dogs"!

RotariansToTheFore-283923 Members, partners and friends spent an excellent evening 'at the dogs!', Friday 2 May. 

More here.


See the Northern Lights

NorwayTourSpeakers-2835Speakers Rotarian Mark Davidson, Oasis Travel and Danny Giles, Manager for Scotland and Ireland, Hurtigruten Coastal Voyages gave an excellent presentation on Voyages along the Norwegian Coastline and the Aurora Borealis sights in Winter.

They advised that the voyages were more of an 'expedition' than a cruise as they concentrate on the country not the ship, being able to sail closer to the coastline and to fiords, waterways and ports larger ships cannot reach. There are 11 ships in 3 classes and 150 passengers use the class 1 ship like a bus! There is no formal dress code or 'best' time of year as Spring shows the Artic Awakening, summer the midnight sun, autumn wonderful gold colours and winter hunting the Northern Lights and other winter adventures. They wished everyone "God reise! God tur!" (Good travel, good trip)


Bon Voyage TABU 2014

TABU2014departs-2794The members of the Rotary Club of Belfast send their best wishes to the 6 students from different schools and backgrounds who set off at 6.00am today on a ten day exchange programme arranged and hosted by the Rotary Club of Highland Park/Highwood.

We hope that each of you will derive great benefit from the programme and from the experience of travelling together and staying with local families.

The students are accompanied by Rotarians Claire Savage, Brian Gillespie and Bryan Johnston.


Beating the odds

certificateCongratulations to Secretary Ivan who 'beat the odds' and completed the London Marathon on Sunday 13 April in 3hrs 50 mins 38 secs.

In November 2011, aged 49, Hon Treasurer Ivan was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Major "Whipples Procedure" surgery was needed followed by 6 months of Chemotherapy.

His faith, fitness and skills of his surgeon & his team guided him through this journey and he is hoping through his run to raise £100,000 to bring real benefit to Cancer Focus AND the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund which he says "will make a measurable difference to the work of both these fabulous causes".

He hoped to run his 2nd London Marathon in under 4 hours which he did in style and his race statistics make formidable reading:


Leave a Legacy

KevinHarper1-2793Kevin Harper, Legacy Relationship Manager, Cancer Research UK gave an excellent presentation describing the incidence of cancer, what it is and how it is formed and treated. Some of the statistics about the daily renewal of cells in the body were mind blowing, as well as illuminating.

He asked members to consider leaving a legacy in a will and make a positive impact on generations to come bringing forward the day when all cancers are cured.


Another area of the world Polio Free

hickson3Countries in the South-East Asia Region of the World Health Organization were certified Polio Free by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative on 27 March 2014, as there had been no cases of Polio in the last 3 years - an historic milestone in the worldwide effort to end polio. The 11 countries in the region – Bangladesh, Bhutan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Timor Leste – are home to 1.8 billion people and represent the fourth of six WHO regions of the globe to become polio-free.


William Crawley speaks to the Club

WilliamCrawley1-2792The Club were delighted to welcome this week’s speaker William Crawley, BBC journalist and broadcaster. He gave an intriguing and enlightening address and speaking with no notes he kept his audience rapt reporting on his recent visit to New Zealand to research for a forthcoming TV programme on the influence the large number of Irish who emigrated there had.


Rotary meets everywhere!

cruisemeeting14Club Member Hilary Gault reports that two Rotary Meetings were held on board the cruise ship Golden Princess over the last few weeks.

TsawwassenBannerHandoverRotarians present included members from the Rotary Clubs of: Belfast; Harrow; Ilheus, Brazil; 
Juneau, Alaska; Lambton, NSW Australia; Northfleet and Ebbsfleet, Kent; Palos Verdes Sunrise, California; Santa Clarita, California; Taiwan, China and Vancouver, Canada. She presented a banner to the Club from Tsawwassen Club, Vancouver at the Club meeting Monday 07 April. (click on images to enlarge)


Supporting FASA's Spring Fair

IMG 0464-2752The Club continues to support and commend the work of FASA supporting those affected by drug and solvent abuse and family suicides.

Past President Courtenay Thompson (far left) recently attended their Spring Fair for the families and children who have lost a family member to suicide. “It was a wonderful day and great just to see the smiles on the faces and the camaraderie of the family members and the team.

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