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Paul Harris Fellowships Bestowed

Paul Harris Fellowships Bestowed

7K1X0260This has been a special year for the Club and a year where Council have reflected on our past and the many achievements made by the Club over the years. The Club is very conscious of the work undertaken by our Past Presidents and the individual and collective contribution made to the improvement of the life of the citizens of our city and beyond and the Club has bestowed several Paul Harris Fellowships recognising Past Presidents of long standing who have continued to significantly contribute to the work of the Club. The Club has now bestowed the following Paul Harris Fellowships.

Past President Marnette Lyons and Past President David Boyd have been bestowed with The Paul Harris Ruby Award, the highest honour which the Club has awarded to date.

Paul Harris Fellowships have been bestowed on PPs Trevor Dickey, Campbell Morton, Alistair Corscadden, Craig McClelland, John Lowry.

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7K1X0253At the Hillsborough Charity Garden Party Trevor Dickey Club President 1981-82; Campbell Morton Club President 1997-98 and Alastair Corscadden Club President 2003-04 were presented with their Paul Harris Pins and Medals on behalf of the Club by President Burman.

President Adrian in announcing the awards stated: “The award of a Paul Harris Fellowship is not given lightly but it is given to the members of our Club who we really respect and we know have made a considerable contribution to the ideals of Rotary and the Wider Community.

I am very aware of the contribution they have made to this Club making it possible for us to be here today celebrating our Centenary and for me personally to be able to wear this chain. It is their hard work both as Presidents and as true Rotarians that I and my fellow members look to for example and to help us secure the future of Rotary in Belfast for many years to come. They have been tremendous supporters of all Club activities over the years and from time to time have offered me much needed and welcomed advice and assistance. On behalf of all the members of the Club in our Centenary year we express our thanks and appreciation at such a large gathering of fellow Rotarians and with you President Burman and District Governor Barney.”

At the occasion of the President’s handover the contribution made by two other outstanding individuals who have shaped the work of this Club over many years of service was similarly acknowledged with the bestowing, and presentation by President Adrian, of Paul Harris Fellowships to Craig McClelland Club President 1985-1986 and John Lowry Club President 1999-2000.

In addition two Ruby Paul Harris Fellowships were bestowed, and again presented by President Burman at the Garden Party, on Past Presidents Marnette Lyons and David Boyd.

President Adrian stated at the presentation: “I mentioned earlier that Paul Harris awards are not given lightly and you may know that on the occasion of HRH the Princess Royal’s visit to our Club in PP Marnette Lyons’s year we presented a Paul Harris Sapphire award to HRH in recognition of her work for Rotary International. We have also made other sapphire awards both to Marnette herself and to other members. Notably a Paul Harris Sapphire award was presented to PP David Boyd by the Rotary Club of Highland Park in Chicago for his work in our TABU programme.

Both these Rotarians are highly valued members of our Club and are also well known throughout the family of Rotary so I don’t need to dwell on their notable achievements but I do want to acknowledge their unwavering up front support for every activity that the Club undertakes month on month, year on year and extending from one presidency to another. This Centenary year they have both excelled themselves providing me with unwavering support, advice and assistance.

Marnette as my Centenary convenor was a hard task master and David was the person to whom I looked for advice and practical support in financial and procedural matters. This support from Marnette and David was not untypical of the help that they provide when called upon to do so for each and every Club President over the last number of years and I know that our incoming President Alan will receive this same support in his year ahead.

In recognition of this selfless support and what we Rotarians call Service Above Self I have the greatest honour of presenting both Marnette and David with the highest honour which the Club has awarded to date, namely The Paul Harris Ruby Award and I would ask both to come forward and President Burman if he would kindly make this prestigious award on our behalf”.


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