Club Communications

Communications within the Club

Over the years the Club has always sought to keep its members informed and internal communications have taken many forms. Currently the Club uses the following:

  • A printed annual report is produced for the AGM each year containing the President’s letter, Secretary’s Report from Council and reports from each Convenor and service area of the year’s activity together with members’ attendance figures.
  • A weekly update ezine is emailed to members every Wednesday. This “Weekly Update” now keeps members informed of upcoming activities, meetings and speakers and records events which have taken place, linking to our website and other relevant sources. This has proved a real benefit in ensuring that all members are kept fully informed, whether they have been in attendance at meetings or not! No longer is there the excuse that “I must have missed that meeting!”

 Communications with other Rotary Clubs

The Club endeavours to communicate our activities by submitting articles regularly to:

  • COGS, the District quarterly magazine,
  • the District 1160 website and
  • "Rotary Today" the RIBI magazine.

Communications with the public

To date the Club’s efforts have been twofold

  • Club Website, which is updated constantly to ensure that it contains the most up to date information and a comprehensive record of all activities. From contacts received it has proven to reach worldwide. It has recently been re-designed.
  • Contacts with local newspapers, radio and television.  Several successes have been recorded and the Club has received a high commendation from the RIBI national committee for our efforts to gain national publicity - see here.
  • You can also find us on Facebook.

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