Council, Service Chairs and Committees


Club Executive

President       Ken Morrison
President Elect     Ronnie McLean
Vice President     Claire Savage
Immediate Past President Alan Rundle
Honorary Secretary     Rosemary Simpson
Hon. Asst. Secretary Alvin McKinley
Honorary Treasurer    Ivan McMinn
Hon. Asst. Treasurer     John Williamson

Elected Council Members

Arthur Boyd Brian Ferguson Brian Gillespie
Crawford McIlveen Courtenay Thompson

Club Committees

Membership Chair     Maurice Brooks
Attendance     Fred Sweeney
Classification     Alastair Corscadden
Fellowship     Doris Houston
Inner Wheel     Craig McClelland
Probus       Teddy Elliott
Reception       Hilary Gault
Service Projects
Community/Vocational Chair   Brian Clements
International Chair   Ken Taylor
New Generations Chair   Eric Rainey
TABU       David Boyd
Club Public Relations
Communications Chair   David Boyd
Archivist       Gordon Millington
Club Photographer     Billy McCoubrey
Information Officer     Gordon Millington
Editor     David Boyd
The Rotary Foundation
Foundation Chair     Derek Baxter
Club Administration
Protection Officer     Brian Gillespie
Health & Safety Officer   Denis Wilson
Auditor        TBA
Directory       Alvin McKinley
Programme     Claire Savage
Sports       Brian Ferguson

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